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By Dr. Carolyn M. Orange

This up-to-date version of the bestseller is helping academics develop into extra delicate educators through spotting instructing errors and researching larger how you can tackle not easy and annoying occasions.

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They forgot about the rest of us. ” This bit of advice is rooted in Behavioral Learning Theory (Skinner, 1950), which suggests that failure to reinforce a behavior decreases the likelihood that it will occur again. The teacher’s failure to call on a student who raises her hand to answer almost guarantees that the child will eventually stop raising her hand. Failing to recognize a child could lead to alienation and hostility or rebellion. The child may decide that she will never answer a question in this class as an expression of her frustration.

The unruly students thrived off the attention and the orderly students withdrew in apprehension. In the current classroom environment, astute teachers have to learn to navigate the choppy waters of classroom discipline and avoid lawsuits. Most school districts have a “handsoff students” policy that without question includes hitting students with objects. In this scenario, the teacher should have let the sleeping student continue to sleep until the teacher had a chance to investigate the circumstances of the child’s need 01-Orange-45606:01-Orange-45606 5/6/2008 4:13 PM Page 23 Mistake 1: Inappropriate Discipline Strategies to sleep in class.

I was grounded for two months and had to get up in class and tell them why what I had done was so wrong. The two months would have been nothing but I had to live with the torment of my classmates teasing me. They all constantly asked me if I had forged my report cards, absentee notes, tardy notes, whatever needed to be signed. Forced public confession sows the seeds of hypocrisy in very fertile ground. By forcing the student to stand up and tell the class what she did and why it was wrong, the teacher was encouraging hypocrisy.

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