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Reptiles are represented by marine crocodiles (Geosaurus, Dacosaurus) and pterosaurs (Gallodactylus, Pterodactylus, Rhamphorhynchus). In contrast to the lithographic limestones of the Solnhofen area, the ichnofauna is much more diverse, although restricted to some special layers, whereas coprolites are always frequent. Both the diversity of the fossil feuna and flora and its exceptional preservation 49 VI INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE JURASSIC SYSTEM, PALERMO 12 -22 SEPTEMBER2002 underline the importance of the Nusplingen shale for palaeontology.

Some of them have also been selected as type localities for new fossil taxa and/or stratigraphie units. Among the most relevant sections it is remarkable the Callovian of Riela, proposed as reference section for SW Europe. e. the middle Oxfordian Bifurcatus Biozone, Duongi Biohorizon. The Tosos-Aguilón area, has been proposed as reference section for the Upper Bathonian of Europe and the locality of Aguilón stands as the type locality for the ammonite species Perisphinctes aguilonensis. The area of Moneva-Ariño, at the south east of Zaragoza (the so-called "Sierra de Arcos") is long-known by the highly fossiliferous Callovian and Oxfordian sequences, mainly ammonites, bivalves and sponges, often being the target of uncontrolled collecting and destruction.

3-8), but its stratigraphie position above the sample referable to (UAZ. 6-7) constrains its age at middle Bathonian to middle Callovian-early Oxfordian (UAZ. 6-8). These ages are similar to those of radiolarian assemblages from cherts formations in the continental margin successions of southern Albania (Vithkuqi and Shengjergji sections). THE UANEI FORMATION (TOARCIAN) IN THE ISCIA BAIDOA AREA, SOUTH WESTERN SOMALIA 1 0 - Chiocchini M. , Fazzuoli M. and Pavía G. di Scienze della Terra,Via Gentile III da Varano, 62032 Camerino (MC), Italy; 2Dip.

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