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In any case, Anansi always teaches a lesson. The Anansi tales traveled with Africans to the Caribbean islands and the United States, where they are still told. Here’s a version of the tale of how Anansi acquired all of the stories from Nyame, the sky god. In the beginning, all the tales in Africa and beyond belonged to the Sky God, Nyame. Kwaku Anansi, the spider, wanted more than anything to own these tales himself. And so Anansi wove a web, climbed up to Nyame, and offered to buy the tales. When Nyame saw the small spider climbing his way to the sky he laughed at the thought of Anansi paying the price of the tales.

4. Dip each tender fiddlehead into the egg, followed by the flour, and then place it in the sauté pan. 5. Ask a grown-up to turn the fiddleheads as they begin to brown. Once brown, they can be removed from the pan. Add salt to taste and enjoy. Big Bugs Worms are not the only rainforest inhabitants that make their home on the forest floor. There are beetles, cockroaches, scorpions, and spiders, among others. And these bugs aren’t your average garden-variety bugs. The many-legged, wormlike millipedes that you might find in your own garden grow to about an inch long, but in the rainforest their relatives are the largest in the world, growing up to a foot (30 cm) long.

And while your eyes are filled with the greens of the forest, your ears will fill with the very loud, nonstop sounds of insects and birds. Are you ready for an adventure? Then off to the green understory layer of the tropical rainforest we go! Calabash tree The Not-So-Sweet-Smelling Understory Flowers Flowers need insects to pollinate them so that they can reproduce. Pollination happens when an insect lands on a flower and inadvertently picks up pollen on its legs. It flies off to another flower and the pollen falls off onto this flower.

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