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By Henry Veltmeyer, James F. Petras

Mounting hostility to the hegemony of the U.S.; tumbling inventory markets; environmental destruction; gradual financial progress, unheard of source of revenue inequality, and growing to be poverty: whatever primary is inaccurate, argue Petras and Veltmayer.

They assert that globalization is an insignificant euphemism for capitalism in its present international, imperialist projection. They exhibit how resistance to capitalist globalization is being equipped between very various social sectors, from rural peasants to the center classification in filthy rich international locations of the North. They finish their research by means of assessing the chances for unifying the various forces of competition to neoliberalism, capitalism and imperialism and the customers for another socialist kind of improvement.

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It is important to understand the meaning of the term “new era” because much of what has transpired is not new but rather a continuation and deepening of ongoing imperial military aggression that preceded September 11 and October 7. Likewise, popular liberation struggles in many parts of the world continue unabated despite September 11 and October 7, and despite some significant changes in context. In short, while September 11 and October 7 are significant events, it is an open question whether the events following either of these dates mark a qualitatively new historical period.

Many of the same members of Bush the elder’s team made their way into the second Bush administration. ” In launching the new empire-building project, the second Bush administration took decisive steps to destroy all restraints on the exercise of US power, blaming international treaties and human rights legislation for the failure of NWO I. In systematic fashion, in the months prior to 9/ 11 and the launching of NWO II, the second Bush administration abrogated the Kyoto Protocol, the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) agreement, the International Court of Justice agreement and numerous other accords.

The new imperialism 36 / System in Crisis is based on military intervention (Afghanistan, the Balkans), colonization (military bases) and terror (as in Colombia). From the wars in Iraq and the Balkans to Afghanistan, the imperial juggernaut advances, each new and even more horrendous human catastrophe justified by an even greater barrage of propaganda about humanitarian missions. ), the Jewish state of Israel, and secular, nominally Christian, regimes. What defines the US imperial offensive is not permanent allies of one religion or civilization or another, but permanent interests.

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