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This name was given to it by Peter the Great, but in 1924 the city had been re-named after V I Lenin, founder of the Communist party. RETURN OF THE TRICOLOUR Following the coup and the disintegration of the USSR into independent states, the white, blue and red tricolor was readopted by Russia. Tajikistan CENTRAL ASIAN RENAISSANCE The five states of central Asia are Moslem, but did not exist in their present boundaries until they became part of the Russian empire. Now they are fully independent, all their emblems are new.

The emblem that they chose derives from the symbol of the central canton of Schwyz. It was adopted by the other cantons as a battle flag in 1339 and as a common banner in 1480, but it was not widely used as a national flag until after 1848. Austria, meanwhile, grew into a large empire, which lasted until 1918. The red and white colors of the Austrian flag come from the arms of the dukes who were in power at the time of the struggle with Switzerland; their colors have been used in this form since at least 1230.

Here the flag is used to greet the emperor, who has his own personal flag bearing the chrysanthemum mon in gold on red. SOLDIER’S PRAYERS During World War II soldiers carried flags inscribed with prayers, often made for them by their families. The prayers were never written on the sun-disk itself. Many such flags ended up as souvenirs in enemy hands. 53 Africa and South America The flags of these continents have emerged from periods of revolution and freedom from bondage. The peoples of Latin America began to throw off the rule of Spain in the early years of the nineteenth century, with the help of soldiers like Miranda of Venezuela, Bolívar of Bolivia, and San Martín of Argentina.

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