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By Lynn Margulis

From one of many nice iconoclasts of recent biology, Lynn Margulis, a groundbreaking new concept of the origins of species

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This lichen proclivity for change should not trouble us. The cycles, the alternations between wet and dry and light and dark, are what maintain the living composite, the apparent individual. Certain ratios of changes are required for most living beings to persist and propagate. ) altruism indirect fitness benefit levels of selection game payoff matrix lower organism gene, selfish gene mate competition group selection mutualism higher organism parental investment inclusive fitness reciprocal altruism * Only a few of many examples listed here.

Today’s ornithologists recognize thirteen species of Galapagos finches, which they place in four genera. The six ground-dwelling finches, who tend to only fly as a part of the mating game, spend their time hopping around. These ground dwellers are grouped into the genus Geospiza. G. fortis (strong) is the medium ground finch, G. magnirostris (big face) is the large ground finch. The sharpbeaked ground finch, the difficult one to distinguish, is called G. difficilis. G. fulginosa, the one who runs away, is called the small ground finch.

Before campfires, before proclamations of independence, before cities and urban sprawl, the Earth around the sun was populated by innumerable kinds of superficially alien life. The whole evolutionary saga of how species originate and how they extinguish may be the greatest tale ever to be told. It is everybody’s story. PART ONE THE EVOLUTIONARY IMPERATIVE CHAPTER 1 DARWINISM NOT NEODARWINISM Charles Darwin’s landmark book The Origin of Species, which presented to scientists and the lay public alike overwhelming evidence for the theory of natural selection, ironically never explains where new species come from.

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