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By Lev Psakhis

The French protection continues to be some of the most renowned ideas to exploit opposed to White King's pawn establishing; top rate grandmasters akin to Korchnoi, Morozevich, Bareev, and brief proceed to perform it with luck. Grandmaster Lev Psakhis, a former Soviet champion who has written greatly in this gambit, now indicates tips on how to counter it. within the moment quantity of his three-part sequence at the French protection, he covers the competitive 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 three e5 tactic, in addition to a couple of different "Anti-French" strains, together with the King's Indian assault and trade adaptations. A wealth of illustrated video games in addition to up to date thought additionally offer important guideline that might aid chess avid gamers grasp those successful options.

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Fd1 !? ;t) 26 . . gxhS 27. >f8 28. Ae3 'Wd8 29. >e8 30. 'Wx h7 White's com­ pensation for the piece might not be enough. • . • 1 . e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. ld7 !? A rare move which has never been used at the highest level. However, the idea is a typi­ cal one in the closed positions of the French Defence. Black wants to exchange his light­ squared bishop. He plans to play a7-a6, so that if White exchanges bishops on bS the a-file will be open for the black rook. 4. c3 28. g5 15 35 Chapter 2 The plans for each side, linked to the pawn structure 1 1 .

Wd2 'Wc7 1 9 . a2 Aa4 20. 'Wg2 f6 � , Baklan - Moskalenko, Zonal Tournament, Donetsk 1 998 ; B) 1 3. 'We2 0-0 1 4 . tbbd2 f6 1 S . bS tbd8 1 6 . exf6 Axf6 17. tbeS Ae8 1 8 . c3 1 1 . 0-0 49 The plans for each side, linked to the pawn structure Chapter 2 According to my database, this is the first new move - an example of how far theory extends these days. The position has be ­ come clearly better for Wh ite : he has a big space advantage, and Black finds it difficult to create counterplay. 1 9 .

E7 29. §g8 30 . §g6 + - ) 28. g5 f5 (28 . . fxg5 ? 1 9 . §f7+), and Wh ite continues 29 . §c1 as in the game, although Black has a pawn on a6 instead of b5, or 29 . §f3 ;t . 8 7 27. g5! f5 (27. . Axd3 28. txb5 axb5 29. §c1 • 3 2 23 • • • h5?! Black fails to take advantage of Wh ite's error : 23 . . Axd3 ! (Anand) 24. xd3 h5 25. tDg6 A) 25 . . tDxg6 26. exf6 A 1 ) 26 . . gxf6 27. e7 28. g5 f5 29 . §c1 (29 . §f3 h4 30. e3 ;t) ; A2) 26 . . tDf4+ 27. §xf4 gx f6 28. fxe6 h x g4 29 . §xg4 =. White has the more active pieces and the better pawn structure.

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