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By Myron W. Evans, Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

The recent variation will give you the sole accomplished source on hand for non-linear optics, together with special descriptions of the advances over the past decade from world-renowned specialists.

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2. The Undetermined Value of the Rest Mass In the case of the EMS mode of Eq. (45), the limit of zero rest mass corresponds to cos a ¼ 0. 1 on branch 1 of solutions. Therefore the present results hold only for a nonzero rest mass, but this mass can be allowed to become very small. This implies that the quantum conditions mc2 ¼ hn for the total energy and s ¼ h=2p for the angular momentum are satisfied for a whole class of small values of cos a and the corresponding rest mass. As pointed out by de Broglie and Vigier [25], this indeterminableness of the photon rest mass appears to be a serious objection to the underlying theory.

10À5 . Apart from the factor cos a, Eq. (173) agrees with a form by Hunter and Wadlinger [23] which appears to be consistent with microwave transmission experiments. Even if both these forms sometimes lead to a optical effects of an extended electromagnetic theory 49 rather limited photon diameter, however, there remains the question how a photon can release a single electron at atomic dimensions, such as in the phtoelectric effect. E. The Thermodynamics of a Photon Gas With a nonzero rest mass one would at a first glance expect a photon gas to have three degrees of freedom: two transverse and one longitudinal.

Optical effects of an extended electromagnetic theory A. 21 General Features The nontransverse plane waves that arise from the present approach are treated in the case of a constant velocity vector C and where any field component Q is assumed to have the form Qðx; y; z; tÞ  Q0 exp ðiÂÞ Â ¼ Àot þ k Á r ð47Þ and o and k ¼ ðkx ; ky ; kz Þ are the frequency and wavenumbers in a rectangular frame with r ¼ ðx; y; zÞ. Equations (1)–(8) then yield c2 k  B ¼ ðk Á EÞC À oE ð48Þ oB ¼ k  E ð49Þ There are three types of modes as demonstrated by Fig.

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