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By Paul Feyerabend

Smooth philosophy of technological know-how has paid nice realization to the certainty of clinical 'practice', unlike focus on clinical 'method'. Paul Feyerabend's acclaimed paintings, which has contributed tremendously to this new emphasis, exhibits the deficiencies of a few frequent rules in regards to the nature of data. He argues that the single possible reasons of clinical successes are old causes, and that anarchism needs to now change rationalism within the thought of data. The 3rd version of this vintage textual content incorporates a new preface and extra reflections at numerous issues during which the writer takes account either one of contemporary debates on technology and at the effect of clinical items and practices at the human neighborhood. whereas disavowing populism or relativism, Feyerabend maintains to insist that the voice of the inexpert needs to be heard. hence many environmental perils have been first pointed out through non-experts opposed to winning assumptions within the medical group. Feyerabend's tough reassessment of medical claims and understandings are as smelly and well timed as ever.

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The only pressing reason for changing a theory is disagreement with facts. Discussion of incompatible facts will therefore lead to progress. Discussion of incompatible hypotheses will not. Hence, it is sound procedure to increase the number of relevant facts. It is not sound procedure to increase the number of factually adequate, but incompatible, alternatives. One might wish to add that formal improvements such as increased elegance, simplicity, generality, and coherence should not be excluded.

1 9, 1 906, p. 487. Kaufmann stated his conclusion quite unambiguously, and in italics: 'The FIVE 41 though surprisingly successful in a series of occasionally rather dramatic tests, 8 had a rough time in areas of celestial mechanics different from the advance of the perihelion of Mercury. 9 In the sixti es the arguments and observations of Dicke and others seemed 0 to endanger even this prediction. The problem is still unresolved. ' Lorentz's reaction: ' . . it seems very likely that we shall have to relinquish this idea altogether' (Theory ofEiectrons, second edition, p.

Knowledge so conceived is not a series of self­ consistent theories that converges towards an ideal view; it is not a gradual approach to the truth. It is rather an ever increasing ocean of mutually incompatible alternatives, each single theory, each fairy-tale, each myth that is part of the collection forcing the others into greater articulation and all of them contributing, via this process of competition, to the development of our consciousness. Nothing is ever settled, no view can ever be omitted from a comprehensive account.

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