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Turkey Napkin Ring Here is what you need: red pipe cleaner scissors two wiggle eyes paper clip ruler white craft glue orange felt scrap clamp clothespin Here is what you do: Measuring from the point, cut a 7-inch (18-cm) piece from the narrow end of the necktie. Wrap the piece around in a circle so that the point overlaps the outside of the cut end. Secure the point with glue. Use a clamp clothespin to hold the two ends of the tie together until the glue dries. Cut a triangle beak for the turkey from the orange felt.

Cut one end of the ribbon to a point. 46 Cut slits along each side of the ribbon to make it resemble a feather. Glue the uncut end of the ribbon feather to the inside of the ring. These rings are so quick and easy to make you could easily make one for everyone in your class as a Thanksgiving surprise. 47 About the Author and Artist Thirty years as a teacher and director of nursery school programs have given Kathy Ross extensive experience in guiding young children through craft projects. Among the more than forty craft books she has written are Crafts for All Seasons, The Storytime Craft Book, Things to Make for Your Doll, and Star-Spangled Crafts.

To make the girl pilgrim place card, glue two white caps together, one on top of the other. Turn the caps on one side for the bonnet. Cut a rectangle of white paper to just cover the top and sides of the bonnet. Glue the paper over the bonnet, folding the corners out on each side. Cut a 2- by 4-inch (5-by 10-cm) rectangle of light blue paper for the place card. Glue the hat to the top left corner of the card. Tie a piece of craft ribbon in a tiny bow. Glue the bow on the card at the bottom front of the bonnet.

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