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Crus-galli (Table 1). Thirty of the 40 suppressed E. crus-galli by 50-90%. The following cultivars originated in different countries and produced 80% or higher allelopathic activity over the control: IET 1444, UPR 82-1-7, BG 1165-2, LD 183-3, CISelection 63, OR 131-5-8, RP 2271-433-231, AC 1225, IRBL 775-30-3-2-2, Yunlen 5 and 6, IRT 2037-93-1-3-1-1, and IR62155-138-3-3-2-2-2. Reduced E. crus-galli growth and germination rate occurred after the 1- to 3-leaf stage. Fifteen rice varieties showed high allelopathic activity (30-75%)around C.

Dilday RH, Lin J, Yan W. 1994. Identification of allelopathy in the USDA-ARS rice germplasm collection. Australian J. Exp. Agric. 34:907-910. Elmore CD. 1980. Inhibition of turnip (Brassica rapa) seed germination by velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) seed. Weed Sci. 28:658-660. Fay PK, Duke WB. 1977. An assessment of allelopathic potential in Avena germplasm. Weed Sci. 25:224-228. Friedman T, Horowitz M. 1971. Biologically active substances in subterranean parts of purple nutsedge. Weed Sci. 19:398-401.

IR8 and TN-1 are two parents in the pedigree of PI 338046. Therefore, PI 338046 or lR8*'2//85894 A4-18-1*2/TN-1 has two (IR8 and TN-1 ) of the four common parents previously identified from the IRRI material, which possess allelopathic potential for both ducksalad and redstem. Seven F6 lines from the crosses PI 338046/ /Lemont/RA 73, PI 338046/Alan, PI 338046//M-201/Katy, and PI 338046/Katy were field-evaluated in replicated tests in 1996. One line from the cross PI 338046/Katy (Stg 94L42-130) was the highest yielding entry (9,882 kg ha-1) in the 1995 Arkansas Preliminary Test.

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